Using Suet Cakes With Log Feeders

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Adam Brandon | 3 comments

Continuing with our theme of plugs and logs from last week here's a little life hack for you. I know it doesn't take a genius to figure this one out but if you're not afraid to get a little bit messy, you can take a reguar old suet cake and cut it up and pack it into your favorite log feeder. Simple as that.

Why would I do this?  Maybe you don't want to pay more for plugs...  Maybe you really like the formula of the suet cake you already use, and there isn't a plug version of it available.  Maybe you just want to try something different..

What you need: 

  • Suet Cake
  • Good Sized Knife
  • Cutting Surface (that you don't mind getting greasy)
  • Log Feeder
  • Gloves


Naked Suet Cake

Today I'm chopping up some C&S Woodpecker Treat



Use a good sized knife that's got some weight to it. The woodpecker treat has some larger nut pieces in it so I like to use a fairly sharp chefs knife.


Cutting a suet cake in 4 pieces

Now we have four roughly plug sized chunks.  I'm using a piece of slate we have on our deck for a cutting board.  If you don't want to get suet everywhere, use a scrap piece of cardboard..   That'll help keep things tidy.


sizing suet chunk to fit

I'm using a Nature's Select Recycled log feeder today, since it's a smaller diameter log, I snapped one of my cake chunks in half.  You just have to eyeball it.  You can roll it in you palms to round off the corners a bit, that'll help it fit in the hole.

Inserting suet

Give it a push.

Last week I talked about using a piece of cling wrap to keep your hands clean, that would still work in this situation, but gloves are definitely better in this situation.  I have some 6 MIL nitrile gloves that I use for food prep when I'm doing BBQ brisket, & pulled pork, they work really well.


Remove the excess, usually I'll put whatever's left into the next hole, and then if I have a few chunks left over I'll put them in a suet cage feeder.

Packed Log

As you can see it's a bit more messy than using plugs.  Part of it is that the plug formula is a bit firmer than a cake, and part of it is just fitting a square peg in a round hole.  

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3 Responses

richard kadlik
richard kadlik

January 03, 2020

that is what I do but I heat up my knife with hot water and it makes a nice smooth cut and it helps to keep it from breaking up

Joann Phillips
Joann Phillips

February 13, 2017

A simpler way to fill the log, leave the suet cake in the plastic holder, then heat the suet in the microwave for a few seconds (new cake 25 to 30 seconds). Use a narrow spoon to spoon the suet into the log. No knives to worry about! Just spread a newspaper on the counter to catch any waste. This works great for me with no work. Sure easier than trying to cut and stuff a hard cake, used to but no more. Have a fabulous day, waiting for the new logs just ordered to arrive. If the birds like them, more will be ordered. They do love the nut logs though.


February 11, 2017

That’s a great idea to use suet cakes to make plugs for your suet log. Cakes come in more variety and cost less then prepackaged plugs.

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