The Last of the Aspects Berry Feeders

Posted on May 08, 2020 by Adam Brandon | 0 comments

Aspects Top of Berry Big Tube Quick Clean Feeder


The Aspects Berry Feeders have been discontinued for a while, and we're down to the last bit of remaining stock.  (I personally took the last quick clean big tube, since that's always been my favorite.) Anyways if you like the color, this is going to be your last shot at them.  

431 Medium QC Mesh Nyjer Feeder - 5 available

442 Small QC Seed Tube - 4 available

447 Large QC Nyjer Tube  - 3 available

444 Large QC Seed Tube - 2 available

446 Medium QC Nyjer Tube - 2 available

445 Smal QC Nyjer Tube - 1 available

443 Medium QC Seed Tube -1 available 



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