A Closer Look at the Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube

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The Aspects Quick Clean Big Tubes in Berry, Antique Brass, and Spruce

The Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube is the largest tube feeder made by Aspects, and it's one of our best selling feeders.  We always get a lot of questions about them, so I though it might be nice take a look at some of the details that make this such a popular feeder.  

The perches, top and base chassis are all powder coated die cast metal.  They're available in 3 different finishes.

Aspects Berry Color Berry


Aspects Antique Brass Finish
Antique Brass

Aspects Spruce Finish

As you can see the Berry has a gloss finish and the spruce has a more textured look.  Though I'm personally kind of partial to the Berry, Spruce is the top seller, and Antique Brass is a close second.

As I mentioned with a 3.5 quart capacity, and 4" diameter, it's the largest feeder that Aspects makes.  The large size means you won't have to be out there filling it daily, and the large diameter makes it very easy to fill with whatever scoop or funnel you have available. Like all quality tube bird feeders the tube is UV stabilized polycarbonate.  (That just means it won't turn yellow and brittle and fall to pieces after one season.)   

Aspects Cardinal Perch
The Aspects "Cardinal" Perch

The perches on the QC Big Tube have been ornithologically designed with cardinals in mind.  You can't argue with that statement, I get plenty of visits from cardinals, and they definitely use this feeder more than my "Classic Big Tube" with the straight perches and smaller ports.

 Speaking of the ports, not only are they wider, but they also have a bit of a brow over the top to help divert water around the port, that seems to work pretty well.  The ports can be easily removed with a Phillips head screwdriver, but it's only something you might do annually.  

What you will do regularly is take the base off to clean out crud buildup in the bottom of the feeder.  It's a very simple design, basically you pinch the two spring loaded tabs on the bottom of the base, and that action retracts the pins that are holding the base on the tube.

Quick Clean Base
Taking Off The Base
Base Removal Gif
When you take the base off check the drainage holes in the seed diverter. Particles and dust mixed with a little bit of moisture can plug them up.  It's nothing that a toothpick can't handle. That pretty much covers the feeder out of the box... As far as accessories go, you can use the Quick Clean Big Tube with the Bigfoot Tray, Super Dome, and Super Tube Top.
The Super Tube Top is an 18" dome that's designed to sit directly on top of the feeder.  It basically has two slots in the top of the dome to allow the hanger wire to pass through, one for standard sized feeders, and on for the big tube. 
Super Tube Top
The 18" Super Tube Top will work with regular Aspects tube feeders as well as the Big Tube

Super Tube Top Close Up
The Super Tube Top Detail

With Bigfoot Tray Attached
Bigfoot Seed Tray
To help keep your seed off your deck, and to entice ground feeding birds you can add a Bigfoot Tray.  The base has a threaded hole in the bottom, and you just use the included plug to attach to the base. 
Bigfoot Tray Access Holes
Access Holes Through The Bottom Of The Seed Tray

The original Bigfoot tray was a slight pain in the butt, since you'd have to take the tray off to take the base off for cleaning.  Aspects remedied the situation with the QC Bigfoot tray, which has access holes molded into the bottom to access the quick clean tabs.  super handy.

And finally, why Aspects?  They make a great product, that's made in the USA, and they stand by their work.  If something does happen to break, you can actually get ahold of a real human being, and get replacement parts.  

Aspects Lifetime Guarantee


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