Suet Plus Insects and Nuts Suet Plugs by Wildlife Sciences

WS 788

$ 2.64

Tree clinging and insect eating birds will feast on suet plugs inserted into specially drilled holes in wooden feeders. Calcium fortified, melt resistant and won't turn rancid. Each package contains 4 Insects and Nuts Suet Plugs.
Analysis: Crude Protein: Min 4%, Crude Fat: Min. 22%, Crude Fiber: Max. 8% Moisture: Max 10%
Ingredients: Rendered Beef Suet, Cracked Corn, Peanut Pieces, Dehydrated Meal Worms
Dimensions: 3.5" length x 1.25" diameter
Made in the USA

ProTip: To soften up a plug before inserting into a log, pop it in the microwave on low for 10 to 15 seconds.

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