Droll Yankees 15" Classic Thistle Tube Feeder


This distinguished, eight port tube feeder is ornithologically correct for birds and is a perfect starter for the younger bird enthusiasts. It is composed of metal die-cast tops, bases and perches. It also features a powder coated finish, that will not chip or fade. The UV stabilized polycarbonate tube is protected by armed bands - and it will not yellow with age. The unique seed baffle design, directs seed to the ports and keep it clean and dry, while dispensing it conservatively. In addition a threaded based allows additions of a tray or hanging suet feeder.
Recommended types of seed: nyjer (thistle)
Capacity: 1 lb (approx.)
Construction: stainless steel, plastic
Dimensions: Length 15", Diameter 2.5"
Manufacturer's Warranty:Lifetime
Mounting: hanging
Made in the USA

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