Bird's Choice Recycled Oriole Feeder


Made from recycled milk jugs, this brightly colored orange oriole feeder by Bird's Choice, has clear heavy-duty acrylic roof for ease of viewing and a 7.25" hanging cable. This feeder can also be used to attract bluebirds - just dispense some mealworms into the cups.
Birds that are attracted to this feeder: Orioles or Bluebirds
Recommended types of food: Grape Jelly and orange halves, or mealworms
Capacity: 2 cups or 2 halves of fruit
Construction: 5/8" Poly-lumber made from recycled plastic milk jugs; aluminum rust-resistant continuous hinges; stainless steel screws
Dimensions: 12.625" x 7.5" x 7.375"
Mounting: Hanging
Made in the USA

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