Aspects Vista-Dome All Purpose Bird Feeder

Aspects 278

The Aspects Vista-Dome Wild Bird Feeder features a generous 12" diameter dome. This versatile feeder allows you to adjust the distance between the dome and large feeder tray. The 8.5" diameter feeder tray is 2" deep and will accommodate a variety of bird foods. Simply slide the feeder dome up the included hanging rod for quick and easy cleaning and filling. This feeder may be hung with the included 14" hanging rod or post mounted using a 0.625" outside diameter post. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.
If you intend to pole mount this, we suggest considering a post mounted squirrel baffle to protect the feeder from squirrels.
Capacity: 1.5 pounds
Dimensions: 8.5" dia. tray, 12" dia. dome
Mounting: hanging or pole mounted
Construction: UV stabilized polycarbonate, stainless steel rod

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