Aspects HummZinger Fancy

Aspects 381

The Aspects HummZinger Fancy feeder features a detailed red polycarbonate cover with raised flowers, leaves, vines and outer perch ring for all around feeding. Its intricate design includes four raised flowers which are individual feeding ports. These easy to reach feeding ports are also designed to prevent rain from dripping into the bowl. To prevent insects from contaminating the nectar, the middle of the feeder features an ant cup or "moat". Included with the feeder is a spiraled brass hanger with finial on the bottom. Its easy to refill and clean. Simply remove the cover and use it as a stand for refilling. See image below for detail. It also makes an excellent gift!
Capacity: 12 oz.
Construction: plastic and brass
Dimensions: 7.75" diameter, 2.75" height with 7" hanger
Mounting: hanging
Warranty: Lifetime
Made in the USA

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