Stovall Products Western/Mountain Bluebird House Rustic


Provide a bluebird nesting opportunity in your backyard! This rustic house accommodates Mountain and Western bluebirds . 1-9/16" entry hole. It features a hinged roof for monitoring and cleaning.
Bluebirds are found in open grasslands, mountain meadows, high prairies, pastures, juniper woods, lowed fields, school yards, city parks, larger yards, cemeteries and highway right of ways. Nestboxes should be placed in the second week of March. If you have swallow in your areas, put up a second nest box. Swallow will let bluebirds next near them (about 20 ft away) and can protect them from other competitors.
Construction: Western Red Cedar
Dimensions:9.5" x 7.25" x 17""
Made in Michigan

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