Stovall Products Country Squire Arch Roof House


Providing this Arch Nestbox in your backyard will bring you seasons of enjoyment as you watch these beautiful birds raise their young. Its good practice to have them up and ready by March for bluebirds and May for swallows. It is often recommended to offer a pair of nestboxes, so the two species don't have to compete for ownership. In addition, swallows will protect the bluebird's home from other competitors.
This precisely hand-crafted nestbox with slanted overhang is a perfect shelter for bluebirds or tree swallows. Easily opened for seasonal cleaning, a single pin on the lower right, in the front can be twisted downwards, then apply slight pressure to the screw at the top of the hole, and the lower portion pops open. To lock, simple twist the pin left.
Construction: Western Red Cedar
Dimensions:8" x 5.25" x 13.75"
Made in Michigan

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